How we came to buy a vineyard in Croatia

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Vineyard in Slavonia, Croatia


“Why would you buy a vineyard all over there?”

Most people react a bit surprised when they hear for the first time about our vineyard in Croatia. Tim however, has also heard a couple of times that it’s a typical thing for him to do something like this. Although we completely failed at making wine so far, the vineyard is a fantastic place to escape the busyness of daily life.


Vineyard in Bukvik, Croatia (February, 2016)

Vineyard in Bukvik, Croatia (February, 2016)

Vineyard in Bukvik, Croatia (February, 2016)


Vineyard in Bukvik, Croatia (February, 2016)

Dreams turned into reality …

The idea of buying the vineyard came into our minds at the end of 2015 when we went out for dinner with Croatian friends who were in the Netherlands for work. They suggested that the vineyard, that was for sale in a neighboring village, would be something for us. What started out as a joke got more serious as we spoke longer about it. Eventually, in February 2016, we took the plane and after lots of arrangements – one does not just buy a vineyard in Croatia – we were the official owners of a vineyard. The photo’s above are from that day.


… and with some help …

This would never have succeeded without all help we got from our multilingual friends. It may be different in other places in Croatia, but in small villages as Orahovica are the tax, notary, and electricity offices almost impossible to find if you don’t know the exact door you should enter (and no, it’s not indicated on the doors). It didn’t help that we were unable to speak Croatian at the time. Meanwhile, I’ve started with Croatian lessons. Although I’ve still a long way to go, I’m able to understand and speak some Croatian.


… we ended up in Slavonia

So far, my experience has been that the world isn’t very familiar with Croatian wine. Yet it’s grown in most areas of the country (see picture below). Our vineyard is located in Bukvik, a – very – small village in Slavonia, the eastern region of Croatia. It’s not close near a real city, but the ‘somewhat bigger village’ (approximately 5000 residents) in the neighborhood is Orahovica. I’ve realized that it’s not only the Croatian wine that goes unnoticed, Slavonia isn’t very well-know either.  Most people are familiar with the Croatian cities near the coast. However, they seem to forget inland Croatia, the other half of the country. Yet, Slavonia has much to offer! This is one of the many reasons that motivated me to start sharing my experiences with this less known but just as beautiful part of Croatia.


Wine regions in Croatia

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