Stunning winter wonderland in Jankovac, Croatia

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Frozen waterfall in Jankovac, Croatia


Jankovac during wintertime

The Plitvice Lakes National Parc may be Croatia’s most famous area with lakes and waterfalls, but Jankovac is definitely a hidden gem. It’s very popular among local people from Slavonia without being overly touristy.

Normally, we visit these kind of parcs in summertime, but the weather got very wintery in the weeks before we planned to visit the vineyard. It was around -15 C° with lots of snow. I was looking forward to our visit, since it’s very rare to have snow like this in the Netherlands. Jankovac is located less than 15 km from our vineyard. Driving there takes approximately 30 minutes, since it’s a mountain area.


Frozen waterfall in Jankovac, Croatia

Frozen waterfall in Jankovac, Croatia


Amazing but unapproachable

It was amazing to see the parc covered in snow and the frozen waterfall was breathtaking. I’ve never seen a frozen waterfall before! I have to say though, the path leading to the waterfall wasn’t very safe. Covered with approximately 20 cm of snow and ice, it’s very slippery. Despite the small railing bar I experienced some anxious moments when I slipped (even though I was wearing appropriate shoes). A fall down into the river didn’t seem like a good idea to me. If you’re thinking about visiting Jankovac when there’s snow, make sure to wear good walk/climbing shoes. In the end, we walked up until the waterfall. The path does go further up, but that area was impassible for us.


Winter in Jankovac, Croatia


Frozen waterfall in Jankovac, Croatia


The photo’s on this page are taken by me and by our friend Peter, who lives in Croatia.

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